The whitetip reef shark project of Hawaii
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Whitetip Reef Shark Project Contact Information

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808 497 4321

Current Mailing Address:

Nick Whitney

Center for Shark Research

Mote Marine Laboratory

1600 Ken Thompson Parkway

Sarasota, FL 34236

Who are we?

The whitetip reef shark project represents the PhD dissertation research of Nick Whitney, conducted with the help of dozens of student volunteers, photographers from the dive community, and other invaluable contributors of financial and logistical support. Much of this research would be impossible without these people (listed on our Acknowledgements page) but Nick is solely responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project, which is why replies to emails, reward sticker mailings, etc. may sometimes be delayed. Photo-contributors can help streamline the process by being careful to submit specific date and location info with each sighting (and each EMAIL), and to carefully read our photo submission instructions in our photoID FAQ

More information about Nick Whitney is available here:

Curriculum Vitae (PDF) (updated 3/08)

Bio from UH Zoology Department website (updated 2/07)

Biomes of the World scientist profile (12/06)


Scientific Publications

Meyer CG, Dale JD, Papastamatiou YP, Whitney NM, Holland KN. 2009. Seasonal cycles and long-term trends in abundance and species composition of sharks associated with cage diving ecotourism activities in Hawaii. Environmental Conservation. doi:10.1017/S037689290990038

Meyer CG, Clark TB, Papastamatiou YP, Whitney NM, Holland KN. 2009. Long-term movement patterns of tiger sharks Galeocerdo cuvier in Hawaii. Marine Ecology Progress Series 381: 223-235.

Whitney NM, Motta PJ. 2008. Cleaner host posing behavior of whitetip reef sharks (Triaenodon obesus) in a swarm of hyperiid amphipods. Coral Reefs 27: 363 (PDF - 180K)

Whitney NM, Papastamatiou YP, Holland KN, Lowe CG. 2007. Use of an acceleration data logger to measure diel activity patterns in captive whitetip reef sharks, Triaenodon obesus. Aquatic Living Resources 20: 299-305 (PDF - 823K)

Whitney NM, and GC Crow. 2007. Reproductive biology of the tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) in Hawaii. Marine Biology 151: 63-70. (PDF - 279K)

Whitney NM, Pratt HL, and JC Carrier. 2004. Group courtship, mating behaviour, and siphon sac function in the whitetip reef shark, Triaenodon obesus. Animal Behaviour 68: 1435-1442. (PDF - 450K)


Popular Literature Publications

Whitney NM, 2007. Debunking the myth of territoriality in sharks. Hawaii Skin Diver 33: 41-42. (PDF coming soon)

Whitney NM, 2006. A deeper shade of blue: going deep, spitting blood, and blacking out with the world’s best free-diving instructors. Hawaii Skin Diver 29: 21-24. (PDF coming soon)

Whitney NM, 2005. Tax collectors: underwater identification of carcharhinid sharks in Hawaii. Hawaii Skin Diver 27: 43-45. (PDF coming soon)